Welcome to our 2017 30 Day Gratitude Challenge!!

Why 30 days??
I'm a big fan of the 30 day challenge! It takes 21 days to creat a habit, but 30 will solidify it!! 30 days of something will push you outside your norm and make you have to work for it!

How does it work??
Each day, join me on @thatpositivelife FaceBook page and comment on the daily Gratitude post. That's it!!


What's in it for me??

Everyone who comments daily for all 30 days will be entered in a drawing for a FABULOUS prize!

Can't commit to 30? I understand! Everyone who comments on 21 out of the 30 will be entered into a drawing for a second prize.

Want more?? Share the @thatpositivelife FaceBook page on your personal wall by July 5 and get an extra 5 drawing entries!!!

So excited

Can't wait to see all of your comments and to be inspired by your greatness!