Stop settling on yourself or being resigned, you can change now!!!

Resignation or change? It’s up to you.

“Stop settling on yourself or being resigned to what you perceive as weaknesses.  We can all do better.” We can all change. 

Ever been scrolling through Facebook and come across a post from a friend and it just hits you?  Like woah?  Smack in the face?  That’s what this quote did for me.  It just struck me.  It resonated so strongly that I knew immediately I had to capture it and make a tile of it and get it out there.

Stop settling.  YES!  Stop resigning to a life you don’t love.  YES!  Stop resigning yourself to qualities that you perceive as weaknesses.  YES!!!

I hear and see so many people acknowledge a personal trait or quality about themselves that frustrates them, like being late, disorganized, exhausted, negative, overweight, etc.  But then they just say, “Well, that’s just the way I am.”  

Like, “I’m always late, and it stresses me out and causes me such anxiety and I hate it so much, but I guess there’s nothing I can do about it.”  

Or, “I wake up exhausted and I drink 4 cups of coffee and am still exhausted, and I feel like I need a nap every afternoon, and I get home from work and an frustrated with the kids and my spouse because I’m exhausted and I finally make it to the couch at night and then go to bed exhausted and know tomorrow is going to be the same, because that’s just how I am.”  

  1.  NO, NO, NO!
WHO do you want to be?  What type of person do you WANT to be?

Have you ever asked yourself that?  Have you ever said, “I really wish I was just…,” or, “I wish I could be more…,”?  You CAN!  It’s called change, and it IS possible.  Your brain can change, and does change, throughout your entire life.  Personal growth and development is possible throughout your entire life.  And thank goodness, because I don’t want to be the same person I was when I was 18, or 25, or even 30.  I WANT to change and grow and get better, and you can too!

So, how?

One way is to set your intentions.  WHO do you want to be?  What type of person do you WANT to be?  Describe your ideal self in 3 words.  What 3 words would you love for people to think of when they think of you?  What 3 words would you love to feel are your strongest qualities?  What do you dislike or feel frustrated about yourself now?  

For example, do you wish you were: Present, Bold, Patient, Courageous, Calm, Punctual, Organized, Positive, Energetic, Determined?

Now, write those 3 words down on a card or a sticky note and put them next to your bed, where you will see them in the morning.  Review them 3 times per day.  Set 3 alarms on your phone for daily reminders to check those 3 words.  Have them pop up as “to-do’s” in your calendar 3 times EVERY DAY.  

And when they do, stop, pause, and think:

  • Am I living up to these 3 qualities RIGHT NOW?  
  • Is what I am doing right now getting me closer to embodying these 3 qualities?  

If yes, awesome!  If no, what can you change about yourself in that moment to realign with the person you WANT to be?


Don’t settle for being someone you don’t like.  


Don’t continue resigning yourself to a life that you don’t love.

Take the time to think about what you want, who you want to BE, and decide what needs to change.  It won’t happen overnight, but it IS possible.  Send me your intentions.  Send me your 3 ideal self descriptors.  Put it out there, and get started. 


Let’s work together.  

Let’s all be better.

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